12. February 2021

delicate pieces of jewelery with small tahitian pearls

Tahitian pearls are usually offered from a size of 8-9mm and up.
however, we had the opportunity to get beads in the size 7-8mm.
thus e.g. this bracelet was created, which continues the delicate design language of our collection.


12. February 2021

addition to our pin series

during the summer we have
worked out the rings for the series pin -
playful little pearls, arranged in a clear order.

3. Dezember 2020

... To read!

a portrait from the “pearls” section in the november issue of gz.

LINK: GZ1120_Strepp.pdf

6. oktober 2020

... there are new pictures!

we have photographed our most popular pieces of jewelry on models,
to show the proportions of the pearls on the body.
the photos are available for download in the retailer.login area.
you will receive the access data from us on request.


6. oktober 2020


even if we don't work with japanese akoyas but with chinese freshwater pearls, we really liked the “zeitwort”, heard from radio swr2 on 07/11/2020 - here is the link to listen - only in german:

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