pearls are the heart of our work.

therefore, we use only pearls of highest quality -
they are flawless, have a beautiful shine and a vivid iridescence.
white pearls occur in numerous shades, from cool bluish colours to warm rose and creme tones.
I carefully collect them piece by piece and sort them according to size and colour.
for silver or steel jewellery I choose cool, for gold warm coloured pearls.

our jewellery are composed of few, reduced items -
just as many as are needed to wear the pearls comfortably.

due to the simple and clear forms of our jewellery, perfect manufacturing is central for us.
In our workshop the pearls are primarily drilled, but also milled, sawed and polished.
In order to avoid damage to the outer layers of the pearl, careful and precise working is essential –
experience which we gathered during years working with pearls.

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